American Girl: Then and Now - September 2019

Puppet Fabricator | Costumer | Set Dresser
Full Screen Inc
Puppets Lead: Barney Marquez
Art Director: Hilary Barton

Assisted Puppet fabricators by prepping American Girl dolls for armature installation by unpicking the backs and removing the stuffing. With the armatures installed, I re-stuffed the bodies and stitched up the back, added rigging points using button holes and cleaned up or patched up areas with excess resin.  Costumed several puppets with pre-made costumes, making sure to lock them in place with hidden stitches, glues and starches. 

Set Dressed an establishing shot, using the designer's sketch, I made the exterior of a house using forced perspective. The structure was made from foam-board. Rendered the house using fun foam, paint,  printed bricks and acetate. Dressed the stage using existing plants, cutters and props from other projects, like hot wheels.