Shelly and the Ratman - 2016

Castle Coch

Director - Emma Williams

Designers and Makers - Joe Aragon, Chloe Benbow, Del Evans, Faith Horder, Roz Mather

For the Puppetry Project, we were again split into several teams.  We were tasked with button a production on at a found location.  We were given an original script, "Shelly and the Ratman" and had to design, create and perform the Puppets.  Out team was responsible for the animal puppets.  I helped build mechanisms for the Heron and Hare Puppets, but the Fox was the main puppet I worked on from start to finish. He was textured using several different fabrics and textiles I had died and cut into strips. These were then sewed on a sock that cover the body.   I performed as the Fox in 12 performances at Castell Coch, rain or shine, but mostly rain.