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Dollmaker - 2018

Original Story for a Stop Motion Short

This original story revolves around a dollmaker working in a doll factory. The factory produces generic dolls with not much diversity of color. The company decides to open up the design process to the factory workers. Our protagonist decides to make a doll based on his child, who loves to dress up and play with dolls and is mixed race. After completing his original design, the dollmaker has second thoughts and decides to change his design to a more generic one last minute and hastily shoves it in a box. That night, the doll created by the dollmaker comes to life. The doll sees it’s reflection and realizes it’s not it’s true form. We see the doll transform itself back to it’s original state and go back inside it’s box. The next morning is presentation day. Will the company owners like this new design?

I created the child puppet from the inside out, using various methods of articulation, sculpture and costume.  The father puppet is still in progress, but the armature was fabricated using various bits of metals, all soldered together with silver solder.

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